Travis Amezcua of Wins on Panther at Chi Town!

Travis Amezcua cleans up at the Chi Town Shoot Out taking first place in 2wd and 4wd buggy on Panther clay Bobcat fronts (T720C, T725C) and clay Rattlers (T771C) on the rears.

14 Travis Amezcua Chi Town Shoot Out

New T370 1/10 Truck Rattler tire to be release at the beginning of March.

New T370 1/10 Truck Rattler tire to be release at the beginning of March.

















The new 1/10 stadium truck Rattler tire will be available by March 5th, the rattler pattern is a standard for blue grooved and hard packed tracks, giving you tremendous forward bite with incredible side bite in the corners. For those racers wanting this tire or any other Panther tire at the Cactus Classic, you can order them on line in advance and you can pick them up from the Panther trailer at the track. Just select “Cactus Classic” in the shipping field.

Sonny O TQ’s at the Presidents race at Leisure Hours Raceway.

Sonny O TQ’s in Nitro Buggy on blue rattlers / orange foams and truggy on super soft raptors / yellow foams at the Presidents race at Leisure Hours Raceway.sonny O

Watch for the new Panther trailer this week at the Nitro Challenge

14 Panther Trailer2

New Panther Tire “Ocelot” Tire!




















Panther adds the Ocelot (T780) 1/10 buggy rear tire to its racing line-up!
Designed for today’s racers, Panther is excited to introduce the newest member to the Panther lineup, the Ocelot!  Through a combination of small and dense squared pin pattern arrangements, the Ocelot was developed to provide high tire wear characteristics, while providing excellent forward traction and a consistent side bite feel.
The Ocelot will excel in a variety of indoor and outdoor surfaces but is primarily suited for surfaces ranging from dusty to loamy conditions. The tire is available in all of Panthers compounds and is manufactured in the U.S.A.

Now available in Clay, Blue, Super Soft, Soft,  Medium Soft.

Amezcua joins Panther Tires!

Panther would like to announce that IFMAR World Champs “A” main finalist Travis Amezcua has signed with Panther and will be our new R&D manager.  Travis is a seasoned racing professional and we look forward to working with him in developing new tire designs for Panther.


New Panther Team Manager for Australia and surrounding areas

Darren Lord has been chosen to be the new Australian team manager for Panther Products.  Darren has been racing R/C cars for 5 years now and won the Australian 4wd SCT AE masters, 2wd Stock Buggy AE masters and 4wd stock buggy AE masters classes in 2013.  We look forward to having Darren as our team manager in Australia and his leadership in that part of the world.

D Lord

Panther takes AE Masters on Gold Coast.

Panther Team driver Darren Lord takes 3 x TQ’s and 3 x wins with slicks and rattlers over the weekends comp.

Saturday was buggy day and with a wet track early slicks were the tyre to be on but once the track dried out later in the day it was the rattlers that proved to give the winning edge for grip and consistency in both 2wd&4wd stock buggy.


Back there Sunday for truck day and with 4wd SCT it was slicks all day long the track was moist and nice and traction rolling was on the cards with the amount of grip the panther slicks were producing.

If you are racing on a damp indoor clay track be sure to have a set of Panther slicks in your tyre bag.

Happy Holiday Sale from Panther Tires

Panther Tires Happy Holiday Sale!

Starting December 13th through January 1st enjoy 50% off all Panther Tires products!  Tires, inserts, bearings, accessories and more!

2013 Happy Holiday Sale

Enter Promo code “Xmas” during checkout to apply the discount.



Changes in 2014 for Panther Tires…

Panther Tires would like to announce that team manager Randy Pike will no longer be with Panther Tires Inc.  Randy will continue his other duties with Panther Tires through the end of the year but all future team management will be handled internally.  If you’d like to become a team driver for Panther Tires please send your information to :


We would like to thank Randy Pike for everything he’s done for Panther Tires and wish him best of luck in the future.