RC Driver Review of the new Panther Rolling Cargo

Panther Rolling Cargo Bag

RC Driver Review of the new Panther Rolling Cargo Bag:

“I just made my way back from the 2014 East Coast Large Scale Nats last week and, while packing for this trip, I was in need of a bag to haul all my 1/5-scale tires. I searched high and low around the office for a suitable case but only came across some cardboard boxes and plastic bins. Both would have worked, but this is the Nationals…I can’t be looking all pro showing up with my tires in those things. Greg walked in my office a few minutes later with a box and told me to give this a try; Panther’s new rolling cargo bag. While most of you would probably not use this bag for that purpose (unless you race 1/5-scale, like me), it did appear to be big enough to house quite a few tires so I thought I’d give it at try.”

Full article here: http://rcdriver.com/panther-rolling-cargo-bag/

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